Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development
Kim Tin towards an efficient and sustainable development enterprise; always ensure the goal of safety in business at the highest level, good growth while ensuring the harmony of economic, social and environmental factors.
Exploiting in parallel with afforestation and forest development, setting up a project to plant 5,000 hectares of forest in Binh Phuoc to provide raw materials for production.
Products meet the Carb - P2/EPA standards, safe for the consumers' health.
Implement community support through investments and active social activism; fully implement the labor safety policy.
Providing products for productions and human living, fulfill the taxes obligation to foster the national economic growth.
Article 6
Kim Tin's strategies and actions toward a sustainable and better future, contributing to changing the human living through the responsible business.

Protecting the consumer's health

The product meet Carb – P2/EPA standards, safe for the consumer's health