Kim Tin Group turns “Challenges" into “Chances"


In the context of the Covid-19 epidemic, Kim Tin Group took advantage of the anti-epidemic period for digital transformation over the whole system and focused on investing in expanding the size of the MDF board industry.

Kim Tin Corporation

Expanding the MDF production scale to 2,300,000 m3/year

Experiencing the shock of supply chain disruption due to Covid-19, the world's leading distributors tend to diversify and seek safer sources of supply, and Vietnam is the country that can meet that demand both in quantity and quality.

Statistics from the General Department of Customs show that Vietnam's exports of wood and wood products in the first six months of 2021 reached USD6.63 billion, a sharp increase of 62% over the same period last year. This is a very positive signal for wood enterprises in general and Kim Tin in particular.

Currently, Kim Tin is stably operating two MDF production plants in Binh Phuoc with a total capacity of 500,000 m3/year, accounting for more than 20% of the domestic market share. In which, FSC Vietnam is currently considered as one of the most modern and large-scale MDF factories in our country with production lines completely imported from Europe, with many advantages and outstanding features.

Phối cảnh nhà máy MDF tại khu công nghiệp (KCN) Dầu Giây

In order to achieve the goal that by 2025, MDF manufactured by Kim Tin will account for 45% of the national market share, the Group will promote deep processing, furniture processing activities, finished furniture to add value and extend the supply chain on a scale of 10 hectares in Nam Dong Phu industrial park.

Besides, taking the MDF production center in Binh Phuoc as the foundation to invest in a factory in Dau Giay Industrial Park, Dong Nai province with a capacity of 500.000 m3/year and a factory in Becamex Industrial Park, Chon Thanh district, Binh Phuoc province with a capacity of 500.000 m3/year, is expected to put into operation in early 2023. Plan to invest in 2 more factories in the Central and the North with a capacity of 400.000 m3/year , bringing the total capacity to 2.300.000 m3/year.

Digital transformation in response to the “new normal”

Social distancing causes most employees to work from home and of course, the change in buying behavior from "offline" to "online" will become more and more obvious. From a different perspective, the Covid-19 epidemic is seen as a lever to stimulate the digital transformation process to optimize the operating system and help businesses focus on continuing to promote business activities.

Lễ ký kết hợp đồng và khởi động dự án Chuyển đổi số toàn diện

On June 4, Kim Tin Group and FPT officially reached a contract and kicked off the comprehensive digital transformation project. This is considered one of the largest and most comprehensive digital transformation projects among non-state enterprises in Vietnam for contributing to realizing the goal of bringing Kim Tin to sustainable development in the future.

Specifically, FPT will bring solutions for digital transformation, overall business administration (SAP), supply chain management and smart factory management (MES) into the management and operation process at 10 member units of the group of welding materials, industrial wood boards and wood products of Kim Tin within 7 months.

The project helps Kim Tin Group's apparatus to operate uniformly and optimize supply chain management throughout the system; intelligent production management and transparent and effective financial management; digitize the workflow to increase labor productivity and support the operating system to make quick and timely decisions on a centralized data platform.

After 21 years of establishment, Kim Tin has developed into a large non-state corporation producing and trading in many fields: Welding materials, non-ferrous metals, MDF, after-MDF products for mining and logistics services, real estate, hotels. We have more than 3,000 employees, serving customers directly and indirectly, exporting to 5 continents, more than 24 countries.

With the goal of sustainable development, Kim Tin Group always focuses on protecting the environment and the health of employees. Towards the implementation of exploitation in parallel with afforestation and development, Kim Tin Group is conducting research and setting up a project to plant 5,000 hectares of forest in Binh Phuoc to provide production materials. In addition, the Company applies production management system, technical and technological solutions to ensure environmental hygiene and increase the efficiency of resource use.

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