Kim Tin Group lauches Timbee and Greewood flooring products


On September 26, 2020, Kim Tin Group launched timber and GreenWood flooring products with natural pattern codes and colors, bringing many choices to customers.

The series of activities to launch timber and GreenWood flooring products of Kim Tin Group includes activities such as visiting FSC Vietnam factory and Van San factory, and a customer workshop in Binh Phuoc. With the participation of more than 100 customers who are stores owners and agents in HCMC area.

At FSC Vietnam factory and Kim Tin Flooring factory, the customer delegation witnessed firsthand the closed board production process from the input materials of firewood, rubber trees combined with glue to create semi-finished products: HDF boards. From HDF through pressing, cutting, milling, painting, waxing process to create a quality flooring.

Timbee and GreenWood flooring both have HDF boards made entirely from 100% natural wood fibers. HDF are manufactured at FSC Vietnam factories with international standards such as JIS, CARB–P2, EPA. This is the main source of raw materials for the flooring production at Kim Tin Flooring Factory.

With the proprietary tight lock, timber and GreenWood are both easy to install and remove. This type of clam has 5 times more contact points between 2 boards than standard boards to help prevent moisture from entering and the ability to keep water from leaking between joints. At the same time, the clam design has up to 2 locking layers to protect the 2 edges of the board against moisture. This is the secret that helps Kim Tin Group's flooring score in the international market with a commitment of 72 hours to overflow surface water, and 48 hours to be submerged.

With a closed production process from input materials to finished products, Kim Tin Group ensures to supply domestic and foreign markets with products of the right quality as announced by offering a good warranty policy:

  • Warranty 72h water spill-proof on surface and 48h submerged within 5 years.
  • Warranty 25 years for warping, shrinkage, termites.
  • Scratch warranty for 25 years in residential areas, 5 years in public areas such as commercial centers, exhibition centers, theaters, cinemas.

The use of wooden furniture is increasingly becoming a new trend chosen by many homeowners for their living space. This helps our house become more cozy, elegant and sophisticated. Grasping that trend, Kim Tin Group has diversified our products by creating a collection of nearly 100 flooring patterns and colors close to nature, bringing warmth and freshness to each apartment of the customer.

Marketing Dept.