Surviving through the Covid-19 pandemic


In the second quarter of 2021, countries in the world in general and Vietnam in particular started a new war much more difficult than previous pandemics due to a new strain without clinical symptoms spreading through the air. The 4th Covid-19 pandemic wave broke out in the Northern region at the end of April 2021 and has now spread throughout the country with the situation becoming more and more serious. Kim Tin cannot be out of that context, we must also enter a new difficult period, a new war. All areas of production, business, and hotels of Kim Tin Group have also been continuously affected by the pandemic. The domestic business situation faces many obstacles: sales are decreasing day by day due to reduced demand, many agents and customers have switched to inactive or short-time operations; costs increase due to the cost of good circulation requiring more procedures. The export situation was slowed down due to the sudden increase in sea freight, causing an increase in inventories, possibly exceeding the storage capacity in the near future. The Sala hotel chain in Da Nang, Phu Yen, and Quy Nhon has almost stopped operating, only maintaining jobs for key staff.

However, when realizing that employees go to work and go home every day in many places in areas with high-risk community infection is a risk for the overall operation, the Board of Management of the Group and the Board of Directors of the member companies actively planned to implement the "3 on-site method - on-site production, on-site dining, on-site rest" in accordance with the direction of the local government. Up to now, the whole Group has more than 1200 employees volunteered to participate in the implementation of "3 on-site” method in Ho Chi Minh City, Long An, Binh Phuoc.

 Facing the situation of taking care of production goods, but not being able to export and sell, and purchasing logistical equipment and necessities for more than 1200 employees participating in "3 on-site" method is extremely difficult and urgent. However, the Boards of Directors of the companies are still determined to implement “3 on-site" to ensure both anti-pandemic, maintenance of production and jobs for employees.

 With very urgent and difficult preparation in time and conditions, the Group's member companies have prioritized taking advantage of the empty space in the office, warehouse, garage, canteen to install partitions, buy more beds, mattresses, folding chairs, fans to arrange accommodation for employees. All places are qualified for ventilation, fire safety and separate for men and women. The company also equips an industrial washing machine, a cool freezer to store fresh food, and fully arranges disinfection and cleaning areas at common areas. Companies that are applying "3 on-site" method all organize cooking activities and provide 3 free meals/day for employees. Shift time and meal times are spaced out to ensure that there are no crowds. The Pandemic Prevention Department in factories rotates to supervise and check 24/24 to ensure that all employees comply with 5K and perform a Covid test with "Negative" results before entering the concentrated accommodation area and testing 7 days/time during the stay at the Company.

 Besides rushing to stabilize production under new conditions, Kim Tin Group has also contacted the competent authorities to register more than 12,000 doses of vaccines for all employees and their relatives, ensure the safety and health of Kim Tin people.

 Mr. Nguyen Tien Hai - Chairman of Kim Tin Group shared, "During this period, maintaining and stabilizing jobs for employees, maintaining production and business activities also support for repelling Covid-19, soon prepare ready conditions for economic recovery after the pandemic. With a new role, a new attitude like today, every Kim Tin Group’s employee who is overcoming personal difficulties company with the Group, persistently clings to production and business, minimizing costs, overcoming difficulties in normal conditions is really a soldier; and a vaccine will be the weapon that helps Kim Tin Group survive this Covid pandemic."

Marketing Dept.